We are happy if you have the greatful hotel stay at Hotel Hillarys.

● Lobbie


You can use lobbie for business meeting, and chatting with your friends.


  • Front Desk       :  2nd floor
  • Check-in time   :  24hours
  • Check-out time : 10 am

● Internet Service


There are two computers could be used for any business stuff or imformation gathering. You can use internet 24hours for free.

  • Floor : 2nd floor
  • Time : 24hours
  • Price : Free

● Free-Drink Corner & Ice Making Machine


You can take some kinds of hot and cold drinks for free.

(Please use the cup setted in your room )

  • Floor : 2nd floor
  • Time : 24hours

● Free Bread Service


You can take some bread for free


  • Fioor: 2nd floor
  • Time:6:30~9:00

● Laundry Service


There are each two coin-operated washing machines and dryers, convenient for your long stay.

  • Floor : 2nd floor
  • Time : 24hours
  • Price : (Washing machine) 100yen   (Dryers) 100yen / 20min

● Parking


Tower Parking by the hotel. Please ask us for the vacancy.


  • Time : 15:00(Check-in time) - 10:00(Check-out time)
  • Price : 1500yen / per day


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